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Happy Trails: Hiking in the Bay Area

by on April 9, 2014


by Rhonda Press
Guest Author, Rhonda Press, is an Adult Program Coordinator at the PJCC and an avid Hiker.

I happen to love hiking.  Being out in nature restores my soul.  Living in San Mateo County, we are lucky to have many miles of hiking trails.  There are hikes that are more like city hikes and others that will take you deep into the redwood forests.  I’ll share 3 of my favorite hikes plus one that is brand new.

Edgewood County Park and Natural Preserve is located in Redwood City and is right off Edgewood Road between Alameda and Highway 280.  There is a formal park entrance with a parking lot but you can also park just immediately west of the 280 overpass at Edgewood

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Hunger Isn’t Just A Problem During The Holiday Season

by on February 20, 2014


The importance Of Helping All Year Long

Whatever your tradition, the winter holiday season seems to bring about abundant generosity in everyone – people hold the door for you, spend hours cooking and baking for friends and families and shower each other with gifts. When we think about families who struggle with poverty, homelessness and food insecurity, it’s important to remember that the need for our generosity extends far beyond the holiday season. Aside from the obvious impact of helping others, volunteering has also been know to combat depression, increase self-confidence, and boost happiness. There is no down side to giving! Continue reading

How To Stay Current in the Job Market

by on February 18, 2014


You’ve got a job. No need to worry. Forget about that resume. Ignore those LinkedIn requests. Networking? Nah, way too busy for that.

Now is NOT the time to get lazy about your career.

Sure you are working and are really busy but ignoring your career can result in being passed over for promotions or worse, being laid off or fired.

Here are some quick tips to help you stay current for today’s job market.

  1.  Networking. To borrow a phrase– just do it! First, start by networking within your organization, go to every company event, take time to meet and get to know people both inside and OUTSIDE your department. Get to know the vendors and clients as well. Connect with them on Linked In. Keep active in your professional organization. If possible, assume a leadership role within the organization. Volunteer, do something for others, give some time to help out.
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