Purim Costumes In A Jif!

by on March 11, 2014


From Hamentaschen to Lego Men, We’ve Have Your Kids Purim Costume Ideas Covered!

Let’s be honest.  We’re all busy.  From working to getting your kids to all of their extracurriculars to finding the time to exercise, life sure can get hectic.  With all of this running around, it can be easy to forget that Purim and its costuming are quickly approaching!  So don’t let this year’s dress-up have you winding up with even more stress.  Here are some costume ideas we found that are simple and cheap, but will have your kid getting tons of compliments:

1. Wings of Whimsy – Who doesn’t want to attache a set of wings and fantasize about being a beautiful butterfly or fairy? It’s fun!.

2. Bright builders – For any youngster obsessed with LEGOS, this costume is sure to get a smile.  The step-by-step tutorial can be found here.

3. Sweet Treat – What kids wouldn’t want to be dolled up as their favorite tasty treat–a cupcake! Easy, sparkly, and super cute!

4. Fun with puns – Does your kid have a truly remarkable sense of humor?  Try out some punny costumes like this interpretation of raining cats and dogs!  See the details here.

5. Your little angel – If you have paper plates to spare in your cupboard, make these super easy angel, bird or insect wings using this step-by-step guide. No sewing required! Take a look here.

6. Get your head in the game – Use your kid’s old team uniforms to have them dress up as professional players.  You’ll be sure to score points with your budget!

7. Cultural and cute – Have your child celebrate the holiday in true Jewish style with either a hamentaschen or Israeli flag costume!

Can’t wait to see the crazy, fun Purim photos!
Read more about Purim on our website.

Happy Purim.


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