How Do You Like Them Apps?

by on April 25, 2014

Complement Your Fitness Routine With Online Apps

The marriage between technology and fitness isn’t new. Professional athletes have been using computer programs and data for decades to get into the best physical shape for their particular sport. It is only in the last decade or so that the rest of the population has been able to tap into some technologies that make it easier to get and stay fit!

Today even fitness novices like me can access some pretty incredible information with a simple application (app) download. You can tap into just about every type of fitness activity that you can think of from your smartphone or tablet.

Here are few samples of useful apps that can help you achieve your goals.

This is a simple app that makes it easy to track your food intake calories, set weight loss goals, and track your exercise. (I’m using this one right now!) FREE

If you are like me, I like to know how far I’m going before I get started. And, I really like to know how far I’ve gone when I’m done! Measure how far you walk or choose from popular walks in your area. You can even see calories burned and your pace on an interactive map. Great for targeting your 10k a day goal. FREE

Zombies, Run!
If you are a runner and you need some additional motivation this is a fun way to challenge and entertain yourself at the same time. While you run you are taken through a number of challenges to escape Zombies. Run! $3.99

Fooducate helps you make healthy food choices by giving you nutrition information and grading each food with a letter grade. A great shopping resource! FREE

Tracking your food intake is said to be the key to losing weight. MyFitnessPal allows you to track the foods you eat and your exercise. FREE

Pocket Yoga
Can’t get to the Center for class? Want to practice some of the moves you learned? This app illustrates basic yoga moves and can take you through different practices based on your level. Great for trips out of town! 2.99

Getting fired up at your fellow commuters? Having a bad day at work? Let this app lead you through calming relaxation sessions to bring some peace to your day. Make a scenery choice, choose how long you want to meditate and get calm! FREE – (Currently iPhone or Desktop only)

Fit Brain Trainer 
Keeping our brains fit is just as important as our bodies. This app has games that work on your memory, logic, focus, and cognitive skills. You could exercise your brain while standing in line at the market! FREE

Do you lack motivation to actually stick to a fitness plan? This app creates incentives for meeting your goals and if you don’t meet them, you get charged. The good news is that you actually get money if you meet your goals…paid for by those who don’t! FREE

This is just a sampling of all of the fitness apps out there. Try one out. It might just change your life!


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