Discover the Bay the Artsy Way

by on June 16, 2014

It’s fun to play tourist in your own backyard. I mean if you are going to staycation, the Bay Area, a major vacation destination is a pretty great place to do it. But this summer, get to better know the sites through site-specific performances.

Now if I suggested you walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and take in the view, you’d rightly say, “Kimberly, thanks, but EVERYONE knows that.” But how much time have you spent under the bridge (on land, not water)? Ever toured Fort Point, a National Historic Site that dates back to the US Civil War period? Well, now through June 29 you can see it as a chamber to witches and a Scottish castle. We Players, a theatre company that uses public spaces to stage performances, takes advantage of narrow passageways and actual fog as design elements for their production of Macbeth.

Next, let’s head to Oakland’s Chapel of the Chimes for the annual summer solstice Garden of Memory event on June 21. 40 acts (many of them simultaneous) including the vocal ensemble Kitka, past PJCC “Up Close” performers the Del Sol String Quartet, and the Lightbulb Ensemble which plays on homemade steel gamelan instruments (yes, I thought you’d want a picture of that) take place throughout this walk-through event from 5 – 9 pm. This one is child friendly, as kids who may get fidgety in a seated performance have plenty of room to move around and make musical and architectural discoveries.

For those who like a little exercise with their entertainment, this sound and sensory experience begins with a twenty minute hike to Battery Townsley in the Marin Headlands. Part of Soundwave’s summer series on water, the Infinite Swell at Battery Townsley is sure to sell out.

Should you prefer to stay even closer to home, the PJCC will be another spot to celebrate local talent. For families with young children we’re kicking off summer with a Caribbean themed Asheba concert and picnic on June 24. Or get some social time in with for our outdoor coffee and performance series Something’s Brewin’ beginning on July 16.

Feel free to share your favorite summer performance venues.


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